Buy Handwoven Purple & Gold Brocade Floral Buta Banarasi Cotton Silk Saree

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Handwoven Purple & Gold Brocade Floral Buta Banarasi Cotton Silk Saree



Handwoven Purple & Gold Brocade Floral Buta Banarasi Cotton Silk Saree

About Me: Brocade refers to those textiles where in patterns are created in weaving by transfixing or thrusting the pattern thread between the warp. In regular weaving the weft thread passes over and under the warp thread regularly. But when brocade designs in gold, silver silk or cotton threads are to be woven, special threads are transfixed in between skipping the passage of the regular weft over a certain number of warp threads.

Measurements: Length - 5.5 meters, Blouse Material Attached - 0.9 meters

Care: Dry clean only. Keep it folded in a paper bag when not in use.

Color: Gold, Purple

Material: Cotton: 100% Natural , Silk: 100% Natural

Weight: 470 Grams

Craft Process: Weaving: Banaras Brocade

Craft Region: Uttar Pradesh: Benaras

Theme: Hand Loom, Hand Made, Hand Woven

The Story: Since the Rig Vedic times, we hear about several kinds of textiles among which figures out the cloth of gold as a distinguished type, the god in their resplendent grandeur wear it, as they drive in their stately chariots. The Hiranya cloth has been usually interpreted as the earliest equivalent for the present day zari work or the kimkhab or brocades.

The weavers of the Benaras generally use old pit loom for weaving sarees, brocades and other products. The weavers generally use wooden loom of its own pattern having elaborate and crowded arrangements of cotton stings from top to bottom. In the absence of the rapid motion exactness in working and uniform punctuality in the sequence of the different operations, the weavers concentrate on simple human figures patiently and quietly sitting at it and swiftly passing or retorting the shuttle through the layers of the warps and then immediately purfling along the weft with gold thread or dyed silk by tucking its tubeless through the warp.

It is the common view of weaving process of the most famous brocades of the world but within it lies the mystery of an intricate and elaborated process of weaving from selection and preparation of the yarn to the reproduction of the rich designs. The process starts with procurement of silk yarn and golden zari from the nearby markets and ends with pressing and folding of the final products. The Karigars follow a stringent process for the weaving a Benaras Saree or brocade textiles, which takes minimum 6 to 7 days depending upon the designs.

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