Shaded Pink Platinum Chiffon Saree with Floral Golden Gota Patti Border

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Shaded Pink Platinum Chiffon Saree with Floral Golden Gota Patti Border

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Shaded Pink Platinum Chiffon Saree with Floral Golden Gota Patti Border by Naila

About Me: Naila is the name of the village which has been producing almost all of Jaipur’s famed Gota Patti work. It is an ode to the unknown craftsmen who have put this beautiful art on the world map. Being based in the village of Naila, on the outskirts of Jaipur, we hope to make this village a household name through the label Naila. All the gota work is done by natives of the village and is hand crafted. At Naila the artisans specialize in gota patti, aari and sequins work. The beautiful range includes Sarees and Dupattas with Gota Patti ka kaam. The chiffon and georgette used are hand dyed at Naila village which also helps them keep control over the quality of products and the authenticity of the craft.

Measurements: Length - 5.5 meters, Blouse Material - 0.9 meters

Care: Dry clean only. Keep it folded in a paper bag when not in use.

Color: Gold, Ivory, Pink, Purple

Material: Gota Patti , Gota Patti Embellishment, Platinum Chiffon Fabric, Sequined Border

Weight: 525 Grams approximately

Craft Process: Applique Work: Gota Patti, Embroidery: Aari, Weaving: Hand-Woven

Craft Region: Rajasthan: Jaipur

Theme: Hand Loom, Hand Made, Hand Woven, 100% Genuine

The Story: The Nayla village at Jaipur district of Rajasthan, India is famous for Gota Patti works on formal costume and fabrics . Gota Patti is appliqué work done for fabrics embellishment. Gota Patti is appliqué work on a base fabrics for design embellishment at Nayla villege and surroundings. Various types of the base fabrics used for applique work like georgette, chiffon in solid dyed, block Printed, tie and dye fabric . Gota is a band of metallic ribbon, gold or silver in color. A Gota ribbon is used for Appliqué work using these leaf o similar shaped piece on fabrics .This ribbon consists of metal coated weft yarn, while the warp yarn is made orf fiber like cotton, polyester in ribbon. The work is also carried out in other district of Rajasthan in Kota, Bikaner, Ajmer and Udaipur. Erstwhile, Mughal and Rajput royals used to wear the clothes in which Silk and Satin were used as base fabric, while Gota Patti work was used to create motifs on royal garments. Gold and silver metallic wires are traditionally used for Gota ribbon. The Gota Patti was cut according to natural motifs like birds, human figures, animals and attached to cloth decorated by gold and silver wires and highly resembles with the Kundan and Meenakari jewellery of Rajasthan.

The base fabric is tightly stretched on wooden frames for Gota work. This work involves attaching the Gota ribbon, on base of the fabric with metallic wires known as Zari. The ribbon is generally made up of metal coated weft yarn, while the warp yarn is made of fiber like cotton, polyester in ribbon. The metal strand is passed through the needle in fabric all the way through chain stitch. The fabric may be chiffon, georgette, cotton stuffing that can be found according to contemporary design like floral pattern, animals and temple chariot. The single metal wire called badla is then wound on threads called" kesav".

The Gota Patti work is done on Wwoden or metallic frames, also known as adda over which base fabric is dragged tightly to provide uniform tension and that prevents pattern distortion. The base fabric stretched on wooden frame by help of cords. It is then adjusted according to size of base fabrics. At a time 5 to 7 artisans work on wooden frame together. The design would be traced by the paper on the base fabrics. The chalk powder used for spreading the design on a base fabrics. Gota Patti is cut according to motif. The Gota Patti ribbon is cut , folded and patched over fabric with the help of thread and needle by chain stitch .The other materials used with Gota Patti are dory, sitara, beads, sequins, stones etc. The edging of base fabric made by fringed border are well-known as kinari or lappe ka kalam. The design and motifs are inspire by nature like birds (peacock, parrot, sparrow), human figures (Bani thani), animals (elephant, horse). The contemporary design like paisley, geometrical, palanquin, checkerboard are also in vogue and artisans carry these designs out mostly. These motifs are structured into buta, butties and cut into various shapes likes flower pot (Gamla), Keri (Mango) and champak flower, and stitched with the base fabrics by chain stitch or by hemming.

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